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Granite Ant Services


You are unique and your events should reflect that.  The first step is to identify your goals, audience and the personality you wish to express.  From there we can explore the world of ideas that will create a truly unique event in a truly exceptional location that will make the experience stand out to everyone involved.


Every event is treated like a theatrical experience ensuring that on top of the technical needs, the attendees' experience is managed from start to finish. Timing, flow, movement, and environment are all considered. Once the experience is scripted, we can attend to the details of each chapter to ensure even the most minute need has been co


Staging is where the details are defined. From the invites to the arrival through the full experience, every step is detailed out and tied to every item, supply, staffing and lighting need.  The end result is a full playbook that everyone can refer to which ensures all participants are on the same page and understand the same expectations.


At Granite Ant, we don't just plan the events, we enact them. Our experienced team ensures that every detail is attended to and all involved vendors and locations are managed with the tight direction required to ensure the highest quality experience for your audience.


It's the big day! The guests arrive and are catered too with a subtle finesse that makes everything seem natural and easy. Our team ensures the show runs without a hitch allowing you to simply play your part and enjoy the experience without needing to worry about the details.

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